On October 9 2012, Uganda celebrated her golden Jubilee Anniversary at the Kololo independence grounds in Kampala.

Prior to the colorful celebration, a number of other events were organized in and around the city as well as in the countryside

But most outstanding of all the pre-independence events was the media cocktail which preceded the dazzling display of fireworks at the Hilton Kampala Hotel, courtesy of Aya Group Africa.

One could easily think it’s the end of year eve, where normally is the norm to put up such exciting displays.

BUT, this was even more exciting I must say;

Fireworks @Hilton Kampala Hotel

The fireworks

Kampala’s sky line went blazing as colorful fireworks burst upon the night at the Hilton Hotel Kampala to crown the celebration of Uganda’s Golden Jubilee.

The dazzling display that kicked off at exactly midnight, lasted a whole 30minutes, giving a perfect and memorable crowning to the jubilee celebration.

The blazing fireworks that ushered in Uganda's Golden Jubilee 

Hilton’s strategic location on one of the highest points in Kampala city made the blistering beauty of the fireworks even more exciting as one could enjoy the fiery show even from the furthest suburb.

As a way of spicing up the celebration, AYA group the proprietors of Hilton Hotel also prepared a barbeque and plenty of drinks for the guests, Journalists and the company employees, who turned up to experience the blaze.

The Executive chairman AYA Group Mr. Mohammed M. Hamid acknowledges that Uganda has come a long way in all aspects projecting an even brighter future especially in the socio-economic sphere.

 Mr. Mohammed and his Family

He promised that a lot more awaits the people of Uganda especially with the official opening of the luxurious five- star hotel next March.

Hilton which opens its doors to the public next year is apparently 80% complete and the team is working around the clock to beat this deadline.

 AYA Executive Director Mohammed M. Hamid does it with his workers

Hilton workers get jiggy



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