Kampala, Uganda’s capital has a whole host of Hotels, from 4-stars to the very ordinary – call them star-less (if the word actually exists).

However many of these have often times been seen masquerading or tending to refer to themselves as five star facilities reaping even bigger from the unsuspecting Ugandans as well as visitors especially tourists.

Well, this may sound odd in ears of many, but, the honest truth is that Kampala apparently has only one 5-Star Hotel – Serena – whose days of monopoly are actually numbered, with the establishment and subsequent opening of the Hilton Kampala Hotel come early 2013.

Progress of works at the Hilton Kampala Hotel as of Sept. 2012

The Hotel

Hilton Hotel Kampala will be Uganda’s first “true” 5-star hotel and a stunning architectural landmark.
The project will have 32,000m² of floor area, 272 rooms across 23-floors and majestic fixtures and recreational facilities. Uganda will be the second country to have a Hilton brand in East and Central Africa after Kenya.

The President’s visit
On the 6th of September 2012, the president of the republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, visited the Hilton Hotel premises to check on the progress of works which has so far consumed 115 million dollars out of the 200 million dollars estimated to be its total cost.

During the visit, President Museveni revealed that he had appointed a Senior Advisor on investment to handle complaints by Investors over bribery.
He said that he has received reports from investors about officials asking for hefty bribes, an issue he says he will handle with an iron fist.

M7 is also considering dragging an opposition lawyer whose identity he did not disclose to the Law council for misconduct and for causing delays in the commencement of this project.
Also in attendance was the Ugandan minister for Trade, Amelia Kyambadde, minister of state for Finance in charge of Investments, Aston Kajara and minister for Energy and Mineral development Irene Muloni.

President Museveni charts with AYA Group Executive Chairman Mohammed Hamid


The hotel is located on Lugard road in Nakasero, Kampala’s most prestigious location. The building is being erected on a 14 acres (5.7 ha) site that was previously occupied by the ministry of information. The elevation of the construction site is approximately 1,240 meters (4,070 ft) above sea level, making it one of the highest points in the city.


Aya Investments Limited, a subsidiary of the Aya group, have been working on the 24-story building.Once finished the 5 star hotel will have a net return of 45 million dollars annually and employ over 2000 Ugandans.It will be one of the tallest buildings in Kampala city.

You will be reading more about the Aya Group on this platform, but today we need to hear from you; What do you make of this facility in terms of its contribution to the socio-economic development of Uganda?, will be glad to hear from you.



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